Dr. Susan Lew, Au.D.

Dr Susan Lew

Susan M. Lew, Au. D. , a third generation Washingtonian, came to St. Louis to complete her undergraduate training at St. Louis University. She was awarded her Bachelor of Science degree and later her Master of Arts degree.

After graduation, her employment included the St. Louis County Special School District followed by St. John’s Mercy Medical Center. She was promoted to Clinical Coordinator as a result of her role in developing a hearing aid division in the Department of Rehabilitation.

In 1998, Dr. Lew opened her private practice, Ballas Hearing & Audiology. She earned her clinical doctorate, Doctor of Audiology, at the Arizona School of Health Sciences (renamed the A.T. Still University) in Mesa, Arizona. In 2016, Dr. Lew sold the practice to Sound Health Services, and continues to work for the practice.

Her studies had included both speech pathology and audiology, but it was her experience as a hearing clinician for the St. Louis County Special School District that led her to the excitement and challenge of Audiology.

As a hearing clinician, she had an elementary and high school student caseload that took her to many school districts. Her task was to help mainstream hard of hearing and deaf students into the general student population in the several school districts she visited.

To develop rapport with her students, she spoke to them about Lou Brock stealing a record number of bases that baseball season. Her students became wide eyed and asked if Lou Brock was in jail for stealing those bases. These questions formed the basis for the students’ vocabulary lesson that day and led her to the exciting challenge of communication.

The challenge of communication, when so much can be misunderstood, intrigued Dr. Lew and propelled her into her current career of hearing rehabilitation.

And so, a desire to eliminate communication barriers, to encourage, develop and rehabilitate relationships emerged and her career took another path.

The excitement of this challenge remains as fresh today!