Meet Ballas Hearing and Audiology, A Division of Sound Health Services

In 1998, Dr. Lew founded Ballas Hearing and Audiology for one simple reason – because she felt strongly that each and every patient seeking assistance should be accorded proper care.  

The healthcare industry has changed dramatically during the past 10-15 years and under the existing system, Dr. Lew felt she could no longer give her patients the necessary time or assistance she knew they needed from her 40 years of experience.  

One doesn’t just purchase hearing healthcare as a product – it is much more than that. It is a relationship, a two-way partnership – and as such, requires time, listening, understanding, knowledge, accessibility, caring and trust.  

Dr. Lew believes listening and understanding are the basis of all solid, caring relationships – from the time a baby is born and until the very end of life.   

Our love and caring is shown and spoken because we are “heard” – our respect for one another is shown and can be detected in our tone of voice; our desire to hear to listen to our loved ones is communicated with our presence; and our presence is not only physical but conveyed through hearing, listening and understanding.   

Dr. Lew combines her commitment to patients with the latest technology to resolve each patient’s unique communication challenge. After all, if there is no commitment to the patient, then there is only a product. Simply buying a product cannot fulfill these important human needs.